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I’m Just in it for the Free Beer/ Signing Up for a 12K

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This week I did something totally outside of my comfort zone: I signed up for a race. A real race. 12k, or 7.5 miles. And not just a normal race, this is a 12K trail race.

Andrew and I had been trying to find an obstacle race to sign up for since the beginning of the year. We looked into Tough Mudder, but it seemed too clustery, commercial, and expensive. So when I was browsing race sites and came upon the Cradle to the Grave Race Series, held on Forest Service trails in gorgeous Pisgah National Forest, benefiting the Cradle of Forestry in America, I jumped on it! Then I found out it was sponsored by Oskar Blues … National Forest + trail run + a cause I believe in+  amazing craft beer … I signed us up as quick as I could get the site to load.

Andrew’s sister and her boyfriend signed up to join us as well! We will head up to Brevard, NC on Friday, 5/15 afternoon for the pre-race party at Oskar Blues Brewery (which we visited in September last year and LOVED). Then we will head to the big group campsite where all the runners are staying to set up camp for the night, drink lots of water, and rest easy. The race is 8:00 AM Saturday, 5/16. Then after the race – free food, live music, and FREE BEER from Oskar Blues. Hell yes! The four of us will stay another day and camp elsewhere in Pisgah, maybe even get a little barefoot hiking in on Sunday if we’re up to it 😉

Now it’s starting to set in that I actually have to run 7.5 miles. Full disclosure: I am not a runner. Andrew is a runner … he even enjoys it (somehow uck). I will run because I know it’s good for me (or I’m being chased by the cops). At first I thought, I will run half/ walk half and try to finish in under two hours. Now i’m starting to think I might be able to run this thing after all…


Here’s the training plan I put together. I didn’t want to sacrifice my current minimalist strength training program (thx tim ferriss), because I feel like I’m really getting results. And I NEED my yoga, I look forward to it every day, but for the next six weeks I am just going to have to focus on gentle, stretching, restorative movements instead of challenging flows.

I will have updates as I progress. Wish me luck! Come cheer us on and partake in the free beer/ forest debauchery!

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