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You Live, You Learn


I just burnt the living hell out of my face with boiling water. Wait, how does that happen?!

Last night we noticed one of our peppers had a little nibble out of it, so I decided to whip up some insecticide – all natural, of course! The recipe called for garlic to be processed with boiling water, left to steep overnight, then strained. I boiled some water, poured it over the garlic cloves in the blender, hit blend and…. The lid was not on tight enough. Or the seal couldn’t form because the water was so hot. Either way, boiling hot water came flying towards me. I shirked and the water hit one side of my face, and my side. The burn on my side isn’t so bad because I was wearing a heavy cotton tee shirt that absorbed most of the heat. My face on the other hand …

Luckily my eye is ok. But I am burnt, bad. I’ve been icing for almost an hour, and got a lot of the redness and swelling to go down. The picture above was about half an hour after the burn, and you can’t really see much redness. It’s throbbing and burning as I write. But you know what? Aside from the initial OMG-I’m-gonna-have-scars-on-my-face-forever panic, I feel totally calm and a-ok (thanks mindfulness).

I wanted to share this because I think it’s important to remember: mistakes happen. When you decide to take more control of your life and learn to do-it-yourself, you are going to screw up. You are going to get hurt, you are going to break things, you are going to do it sloppily or wrong or backwards – and that’s half the fun. You learn from your mistakes, and you do it a little bit better the next time. Self-sufficiency requires adopting such a wide ranging variety of skills that there’s no way one person can do them all right on the first try. All that matters is that you tried – that you decided to harness your energy and take control of your life.

I could have driven over to the Home Depot and bought organic insecticide at $10/ bottle. But I didn’t because I don’t want to be dependent on the Home Depot for the success of my garden. I want to tend to my plants myself. Was I being careless? Of course. I screwed up and got hurt. But there’s still a container of homemade insecticide steeping on my counter, that I will be able to apply tomorrow. When I eat my first plump homegrown pepper, I’m going to think of this. I’m going to remember all the hard work that went in to producing that fruit. And I will never – NEVER – put hot water in a blender or food processor again 🙂

9 thoughts on “You Live, You Learn

  1. I’m soooo happy your eye is okay! For sure doing it yourself there’s bound to be some mess ups. Again though, I am glad you are fine. Your post will be in my thoughts as I do DIY’s. Be careful! Thank you for sharing!!


    • Thank you so much for the kind thoughts! One of my biggest flaws is carelessness. It’s nice to be reminded to stay mindful of all that you do 🙂 I am glad there were no serious injuries!

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  2. Sorry about the burns. Hopefully, they do not leave any permanent damage (unlike choosing to eschew traditional consumer rolls! ) and your spray works. Best of luck and have a nice weekend!


  3. Hope you’re healing well! That looked really sore. Neat lavender oil is good for burns, encourages healing and reduces scarring. The quicker you can apply it the better so not very helpful information now 😦


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