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My Herbs Arrived!


For Christmas last year, Andrew gave me a Rosemary Gladstar classic- Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health. I read it cover to cover and then some! After studying it carefully, and learning more about herbalism from other sources, I finally decided I was ready to dive in. I made two big orders of organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs and Starwest Botanicals. Both packages came in the mail this week, and I was jumping for joy telling Andrew how excited I was to start making *potions*.

I picked out a number of recipes from the book, and ordered the herbs I needed accordingly. I have an anxiety disorder as well as chronic headaches, so I focused on nerve tonics and immune system tonics. I also ordered plenty of herbs for homemade beauty products, including herbal shampoos and hair rinses, face washes, and salves.

I whipped up my first few batches of goodies! First, I made a ACV hair rinse with calendula, chamomile, and comfrey to encourage blonde highlights. Look how pretty the herbs look in the mason! They smelled amazing.

I also made Rosemary’s Miracle Grains, which are a facial cleanser made with ground almonds, white clay, and a variety of herbs. I used to use the ‘Herbalism’ face wash from Lush, which I loved, and I am hoping the Miracle Grains will be a fine replacement. So far so good! I mixed up a toner called ‘The Queen of Hungary’s Water’ which consists of a plethora of herbs left to sit for a few weeks in ACV, then mixed with witch hazel extract.

I was unfortunately and uncharacteristically sick this week, and made a couple teas from the book. Yesterday I was floored. I took one advil and drank a vitamin-C tonic made of rose hips, hibiscus, lemongrass, and cinnamon all day long and feel much better today.

Yay herbs!

6 thoughts on “My Herbs Arrived!

  1. I’m new here. Hope it’s ok if I comment. 🙂 I loved reading this. I’ve never heard of that book and can’t wait to get it. Headaches are no fun.

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    • Of course it’s ok to comment!!! I’m glad you enjoyed! I am a complete newbie to herbalism but I loved her book because it was very accessible. She does a good job explaining to newcomers and goes into some theory. I hope you enjoy it!

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      • Thanks so much. I’m definitely new to doing herbs myself. Usually just buy them ready to go at the health food store. Your post has inspired me to maybe try it. They look so pretty in the mason jars. Any healing qualities would be an added bonus. 🙂

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  2. Hi Christine! You mentioned that you’re still having headaches — I was wondering if you have had a thorough eye exam with an ophthalmologist (an MD, unlike an optometrist) any time recently? Asking because I had one earlier this year with an MD, and he found that I’ve had an undiagnosed astigmatism for years, and now that I have glasses, my headaches are massively reduced. Wondering if something similar could be causing yours? Thought I’d pass this along in any case. Hope you’re doing well!

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    • No, I haven’t! Went to the optometrist and they said my vision was better than 20/20!! Thank you so much for the suggestion, I will definitely look into this – need to get my annual eye exam for my work wellness program anyways.

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  3. I adore Mountain Rose Herbs too. Their boxes are so pretty that it’s extra fun to receive them :0).


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