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Getting Down to Business

Remember how I talked about over-doing my life last month? I’m happy to report that I have relaxed quite a bit since then. Ok, I’ve been sick – first from going off my pain meds, then from the flu – but honestly, these three weeks of feeling under the weather have been a total boon. I’ve been forced to take it easy, which has given me plenty of free time to read, write in my journal, and watch TV and play new board games with my boo. God it feels good. I had seriously forgotten what it’s like to just kick it – no agenda, no never-ending task list, no pressure to be on a train of constant progress.

Right before I left home, my dad told me, “stress is self-created. It’s all in your head.” I’d learned that so many times before, but hearing come out of my dad’s mouth was a kick in the ass. As I’ve been reflecting, I realized that even though I accomplished a lot in 2015, it was all done under this reign of self-created stress that I’ve talked so much about. Here’s the amazing part – I’ve released that stress and pressure, made more free time for myself, yet feelĀ just as productive! Even in my sickie state this month of January, I’ve already:

  • Grown two batches of sprouts (alfalfa and mung)
  • Completed my new worm hotel
  • Started my first sourdough culture
  • Helped Andrew with our first oyster mushroom colony
  • Done yoga every single day
  • Built ~300 yards of hiking trail
  • Worked on two habitat restoration projects
  • Cooked so many delicious vegan meals (Thanks Isa!!)

Yet I’ve magically also had time to nourish my soul and my relationship (and watch the whole first season of Master of None). I feel so lucky to have been able to use all the insight I gathered productively to free myself of the unnecessary stress. Of course, every day is a new day, but I finally feel like I’m not on the verge of exploding.

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