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Homesteading in Small Spaces: The Homestead Mindset

One year ago we moved from our suburbany townhome into an 1800’s Victorian smack dab in the middle of town. As many of you know, we had originally wanted to purchase a house, but the stars wouldn’t align. So we made the financially right decision to delay home-buying and took action to at least get closer to the life we want. Andrew wanted to be closer to bars, restaurants, and shops. I wanted to be in walking or biking distance of my office. We broke our lease and moved into town.

Just because we didn’t buy a house doesn’t mean we gave up on homesteading. It’s just a different approach, one that I’ve been exploring and have found both exciting and frustrating. I got a lot of positive feedback on the last ‘Homesteading in Small Spaces’ post I did that talked about creative gardening solutions. Today I am continuing that series and discussing the value of the ‘homestead mindset’ – something that takes no space whatsoever.

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Recipe Organization Using Evernote

I used to have this cute little binder choc full of recipes I had cut out of magazines, printed off the internet, or been given by someone. It was a romantic little binder, with food smeared all over it, handwritten notes everywhere, and pictures of delicious looking food. The problem was two fold: 1) it was difficult to navigate; 2) I had made and actually enjoyed very few recipes in the binder. I glued them onto pages, so if I tried a recipe and it got a thumbs down, I couldn’t really tear it off and throw it away. Clutter, clutter, clutter!

Last autumn I read Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson, which I *HIGHLY* recommend to everyone. Even if you think the whole idea is nutty, there is a ton of valuable material beyond waste reduction: from holiday suggestions to organization, meal planning to beauty regimes. Although I am certainly interested in reducing my amount of waste, I am not committed to zero waste or anything that extreme. When I read the book, I took notes of all her suggestions that intriuged me. I have ended up implementing a number of them, the most helpful of all perhaps being recipe organization using Evernote.

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